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The Family Tree is being continually updated as more information comes to light.  All of the data gathered thus far is stored on the Genes Reunited website, which is a powerful toolkit and search engine. 



Example of the Tree in table form
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Example of an individual page
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General Info
An html file of the family tree can be downloaded below.  Note, the file has been Win-Zipped.  When unzipping please extract the file into its own folder on your PC.  Also, please be aware this file does not contain all of the data (pictures etc) contained in the Genes Reunited website.

Download the HTML 'Family Tree' file


Don't Have Winzip?  Download the application free by clicking the link below.

Download From soft82.com

Missing or Incorrect Family Tree Data?
If after reviewing the data on the html file or via the Genes Reunited Website and you find that the data is either missing or incorrect; please let me know by filling in either of the two forms below so that I can update the Family Tree.r
Form 1 - 'New Addition'
Form 2 - 'Update Existing Entry'
Many thanks

New Addition
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Related To
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Birth Details
Relationships (Marrige etc)
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Update Existing Entry
Please provide an update in the text box below, specifying which data is currently incorrect or missing.
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