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(Nov 09) Disaster in the house

After years of walking over the same floor, Sue (The Home Secretary) decided that she needed to take a closer look at it - something obviously caught her eye. 
Unfortunately, she went down quicker than intended and fractured her hip. 

Sue spent a few days in hospital, enjoying the delights of superb food and being x-rayed and CT-scanned and now has a very luminous glow about her.  Eventually after charging around with a Zimmer frame scaring all the other inmates, sorry patients, they decided to upgrade her to crutches and told her she could come home.

Love you lots Sue - get well soon.


(Oct 09) New Family Arrival 

Our second granddaughter 'Maggie Leigh Mullan' was born on 8 October at 05:01 weighing in at 7lbs 1oz. 

Congratulations to James and Hannah; Sue and I are proud as punch, although I guess for the proud parents, more sleepness nights to come!!! 

More pics can be found under the James and Hannah link.


(Oct 09) Pensioner's Sports Car

My dad Liam, dipping into the 70 age bracket, decided he wanted tried to recapture some of his youth, and to complement his sensible Skoda Octavia has gone out and got himself an MX5.  Fair play to him the cars in great nick and not surprisingly he's chuffed to bits. 

I suppose living in the warmer climes of Portugal does give him the opportunity to drive into town with the roof down eyeing up the local totty as he goes although the zimmer frame on the boot luggage carrier does spoil the car's lines somewhat.


(Oct 09) Michelle and Dan Announce a New Arrival

Our daughter and recently added son-in-law Dan have announced the impending arrival of their first addition to the family.  Guess they didn't take long to consumate their marriage on
the 15 Aug - congratulations to you both; somehow me thinks Dan doesn't know what he's let himself in for and yet Michelle seems to have settled in well to the process for eating for two!

Look forward to the arrival in April; hell April is gonna be an expensive month - seems the majority of the families birthdays are in that month.


(Sept 09) - What's wrong with the old one?

After a few months waiting, Sue and I picked up our new car from Shrewsbury.  Me; I just wanted to keep the old A6, but the home secretary was adamant; its got to go and she wanted a convertible - so an A5 cabriolet it was then.  Thanks Love... 

Given that it need to be run in coupled with the typical crap British weather, we decided to take the ferry to Santander and then drove down through Spain and into Portugal to my fathers house.  All told the return journey clocked up just under 3,000 miles, but the weather was fantastic apart from one day and Sue was in her element with the wind in her hair being chauffered around.


(Aug 09) Michelle and Danny's Wedding

Our Daughter Michelle got married to Daniel Preen on 15 August 2009 at Shifnal followed by a reception at Shrewsbury.  We all had a fantastic day with people travelling from far and wide. 

I decided to leave Michelle and the Home Secretary to organise the day - as fathers do - deciding what dress, style, colour and so on.  The organisation was superb and everything went to plan, up until the car arrived.  Lovely car; real quaint little 1950's convertible, dressed lovely for the occasion; unfortunately no-one thought about the size of my daughters dress (more underskirts than a XXXXXXXX laundry - enter your preferred choice of word) and for some unfathomable reason the car wasn't able to drive with the roof down?  

Needless to say I spent the trip to the church pinned helplessly against the side of the window, but go my own back at the church when I had to put my foot on Michelle's rump to help her out of the car!!!  All said and done though we had a great laugh about it and went on to have a great day with superb weather.


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